EDAG Biwak

EDAG Biwak

EDAG isn't a carmaker, yet it had two concepts on display. That's the Geneva Auto Show for you. EDAG helps carmakers boost the efficiency of product development, so as a practical demonstration (sort of), it showed off two concepts it had developed, the Solstice Coupe and the Biwak, which I found to be the more interesting of the two. The Biwak is really a converted New Beetle, which is pretty clear from its nose and the underpinnings. EDAG added a wagon back and some dune-buggy cues, ending up with something that looks like a desert explorer. It even has a Mag light and a camp shovel strapped into its back hatch. Unfortunately, it's not an official Volkswagen concept, and EDAG isn't in the business of doing car conversions, so it'll probably never be seen on a showroom floor.

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