Eco-design follows emerging 'UFO trend'

German lighting concept shaped like flying saucer.

Neues Licht

You know, we track some wacky trends here on Crave. There are the Color-Changey Things, and the Stupid USB Devices, and of course Anthropomorphic Audio. And recently I've been spotting another one: things shaped like UFOs. There's that bug-killing gadget that flies, and a cute little saucer to manage hands-free electronic activity in cars. The latest in this emerging trend is the Neues Licht UFO Light, a German lighting concept that is shaped like something that might have appeared in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The Neues Licht UFO is made mostly out of glass fibers, and uses a small energy source that remains out of view, embedded in the ceiling. Within the hanging light itself, there's no electricity at all--and even in the source, it's kept to a minimum. The UFO's efficiency is apparently comparable to that of LEDs, another tech trend we've followed here. It's a piece of design, indeed, but Treehugger seems to indicate that these pretty and energy-efficient lighting solutions are actually available for sale. Where and for how much, however, I couldn't tell you.

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