Eclipse updates its all-in-one navigation system with the AVN6620

Eclipse updates its all-in-one navigation system with the AVN6620.

The AVN6620 in our test car at CES 2008 CNET Networks

Eclipse had the honor of being the first manufacturer to install its product in our CNET Car Tech test lab here at CES 2008. The product the company chose to showcase was the AVN6620, its next-generation, in-dash, all-in-one navigation and multimedia system with a 7-inch wide-screen display with touch-screen capabilities. Like the Eclipse 6600 that we reviewed last year, the 6620 combines built-in GPS navigation with turn-by-turn route guidance; street-level mapping with building outlines in built-up areas; digital audio and video playback capabilities (CD, MP3, WMA, and DVD discs); and a ton of expandability options (iPod, HD Radio, XM, and Sirius satellite radio). The 6620 is shipping now with a price tag of around $1,200.

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