eBuyer considers opening shops to challenge Currys, PC World

Online gadget shop eBuyer could be taking the fight to Currys and PC World's territory with its own bricks and mortar stores.

Look out Currys and PC World: online gadget seller eBuyer could be taking the fight to the high street and retail park with its own bricks and mortar shops.

"We have considered it," managing director Stuart Carlisle told PCR, "and once we have found the most effective model for our customer base, we will act upon it."

However, he adds that "Simple economics dictate online retailers can usually offer products at better prices -- so this is where most of the consumers will go... The high street will by no means die out, it will just have to adapt."

eBuyer offers 70,000 products online, selling 10,000 items a day to its four million registered customers.

With the failure of Best Buy in Britain , the demise of Comet, and last year's brutal retail clear-out, gadgets on the high street are largely sewn up by Dixons Retail, the company behind Currys, Dixons and PC World. Between them Currys and PC World made a whopping £100,000 a minute on Boxing Day, which does at least show there's gold in them thar high street hills.

Other shops are challenging for some of that gadget gold, including the supermarkets -- witness the Tesco Hudl -- and planned new Samsung stores.

Where do you buy your gadgets? Can the high street compete with online prices? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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