EBay taps JotSpot for member wiki

EBay on Wednesday introduced a wiki, built and hosted by JotSpot, and a blogging service aimed at EBay buyers and sellers.

EBay Wiki is a Web site where EBay's registered users, which number about 193 million members, can contribute and discuss EBay-related matters, such as selling tips.

The wiki was developed and will be hosted by JotSpot, a company which has developed a platform for writing wiki applications.

"This represents another milestone in the coming of age of wikis," said Joe Kraus, JotSpot's CEO. "This concept is reaching a much broader audience."

Kraus said that Jotspot has other reseller arrangements in the works, although they are smaller than the EBay deal.

EBay Member Blogs allows members to post blogs from EBay's site.

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