Ears-on with Sennheiser's CX 400 earphones

The 400s are pitched with the promise of a balanced sound and convenient features.

Crave UK

Our good friends at Sennheiser gave us a one-to-one demo of the company's new additions to the CX range of earphones yesterday. Our pick of the bunch, which we'll be reviewing shortly, were the CX 400s--a pair of sound-isolating earphones to succeed the impressive CX 300s.

The 400s are pitched with the promise of a balanced sound and convenient features such as a symmetrical earphone cable, detachable extensions, an included carry pouch and various sizes of isolating tips. For 50 pounds (about $101) there's a pleasant bit of kit on offer. But is it worth 50 pictures of the Queen? Well, no, because the smallest amount that could be is 250 pounds (around $507). Maybe 50 coins with embossed versions of the Queen's head. No, wait, that could be 50p. Oh sod it. Awkward blinkin' Queen.

Anyway, the key here is performance and we were happy to insert these stylish new plugs into our hear-holes. While we didn't get to spend days continually listening to them like we do for our reviews, the 5 minutes we spent testing were 300 well-spent seconds, we can tell you. Sound quality is excellent for the price, with good clear bass, decent mids and clear highs. They're also very comfy.

(Source: Crave UK)

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