Early EA system shows need for speed

New game distribution system runs into trouble

Earlier today, I wrote about the launch of EA Link, Electronic Arts' new digital distribution system for video games. The new service will allow gamers to buy and download to their PCs popular games like "The Sims 2" and "Need for Speed: Carbon."

Need for Speed

But now word comes that in its earliest moments, the service is having some serious troubles. "EA Link thus far is a complete disaster," wrote a CNET News.com reader in an e-mail Friday. "I pre-ordered 'Need for Speed: Carbon'...The server was deader than a doornail...Since then, I have tried to download the game three times, and each time the file is corrupt."

The reader went on to complain that he had had no satisfaction from EA in the form of refunds or apology upon complaining. For its part, EA said the service had been overwhelmed by users and that its customer service had been working "diligently" to help resolve issues. Further, the company said, the earliest problems had been fixed.

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