Early adopters, rejoice! PlayStation Vita available now

The PlayStation Vita's official launch date is February 22, but those who paid $350 for the first edition bundle are playing with the portable right now.

Sony's PlayStation Vita is available now to early adopters.
Sony's PlayStation Vita is available now to early adopters. Sarah Tew/CNET

The PlayStation Vita's official U.S. launch date is February 22, but those who can't wait any longer can get their hands on the device today.

Sony's first edition bundle, which includes a 3G-equipped Vita, a case, 4GB memory card, and a free edition of the game Little Deviants, has shipped to those who pre-ordered it. Gamers who missed the pre-order but want to get the Vita before next week can buy the bundle now.

Getting the PlayStation Vita a week before its official launch date comes at a price. Whereas the 3G launch bundle shipping next week will retail for $299.99, the first edition bundle sets customers back $349.99. The Wi-Fi-only Vita costs $249.99.

The Vita launched in Japan late last year. The device comes with a 5-inch OLED touch-screen display and dual thumbsticks. Users will be able to buy physical games or download old PlayStation Portable titles directly from the PlayStation Store.

CNET recently reviewed the Vita, and gave it an "excellent" rating of four stars out of five. Reviewer Jeff Bakalar was happy with the device's "amazing visuals," but criticized the portable for subpar battery life and its reliance upon separate memory cards.

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