E3 2013: Predictions and prognostications

CNET editors offer various and sundry opinions on what to expect at this year's E3 gaming show.

Take it to the bank (A sure thing)

James Martin/CNET

Welcome to the easy ones. These are the "but of course" headlines we expect from the show.

Dan Ackerman:

  • Expect some amount of backtracking from Microsoft on used games, always-on DRM.
  • Sony temporarily "wins" the argument by not coming clean on its own anti-consumer DRM and used-game policies.
  • Jeff Bakalar:

  • The Xbox 360 and PS3 get generous prices cuts.
  • Microsoft further clears the air and gives real-life examples of its (still vague and confusing) used-games policy .
  • Roger Cheng:

  • Nintendo shows off its first-party muscle, possibly with a new Mario or Zelda game.
  • E3 bounces back from last year's disappointing show with titles we'll actually care about and a sense of direction in the industry.
  • Eric Franklin:

  • Microsoft will open its press conference cold (no words) with a demo of Respawn's Titanfall.
  • Every non-PlayStation Eye game for the PS4 will require the ability to stream directly to Vita.
  • Scott Stein:

  • Attractive drops announced for current-gen consoles.
  • PlayStation 4 finally gets revealed and seen, but not necessarily priced.
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