E-mail for the digitally challenged

Your parents can get e-mail without a computer or Net access

It's only October, and the malls are already pushing the holidays. That's not an entirely bad thing, mind you, because it means an excuse to do some serious gadget shopping.

The e-mail printer

Except where our parents are concerned, of course. But there's still hope--a company called Presto has come up with a service that allows you to send e-mail to your digitally challenged loved ones even if they don't have a computer or Internet access, according to Popgadget. All they need is a phone line and one of Presto's special Hewlett-Packard printers. (See video demo here.)

Presto delivers your e-mail to the printer, which then prints out hard copies of your missives for $10 a month or $100 a year, plus the $150 printer. Or you could just pick up the phone and make a call in person--but, as we all know well, that can present an entirely different set of issues.

(Photo: Popgadget)

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