E-books coming to PSP?

Sony's latest trademark filings hint at possible future PSP products including electronic versions of magazines, comics and books.

Sony Computer Entertainment may be planning to bring digitized texts to the PlayStation Portable. The company recently filed trademarks for "PSP Comics," "PSP Books" and "PSP Magazine" with the Japan Patent Office.

Other trademarks filed by SCE include "Xross Media Entertainment," "GT-Magazine Mail," "N.U.M.," "Double Smash" and "Kunoichi Densetsu."

Xross Media Entertainment, in particular, has been filed under multiple spellings and abbreviations, including Xhross Media Entertainment, XME, XROME and XHROME. The name resembles the Xross Media Bar, the graphical interface used in the PSP and PSX.

GT-Magazine Mail sounds like a possible magazine service for the "Gran Turismo" driving simulation series, while the remaining three trademarks sound like possible game titles. (Kunoichi Densetsu translates to "The Legend of the Female Ninja.")

These trademarks could foretell future products, or they could simply be a cautionary measure to head off possible property poachers. It is, however, common for companies to register trademarks and never use them.

In other PSP content news, two Japanese porn publishers have to release movie titles on the entertainment console this summer.

Hirohiko Niizumi reported for GameSpot.

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