DVR app for Web radio

DVR app for Web radio

Everybody seems to have a DVR app for recording TV programs to their computer's hard drive, but what about Web radio? Recording audio streams has always been technically possible with a little internal rerouting of your PC's audio signal chain and a sound recording app like Sound Forge, but now Magix, better known for its programs for musicians and DJs, has a simple solution for recording Web audiocasts.

The company's new Magix Webradio Recorder can record programs or even individual songs from Web radio stations and can save them as OOG, MP3, or WAV files. The program comes with 2000 preset Web radio stations, but users can add new feeds easily. To be fair, there are several programs on the market that already do much the same thing, but Magix is known for designing especially user-friendly apps.

Just think--thanks to modern technology, we're finally back where we were in the '80s, when we could hit Record on our cassette radio boomboxes to record tunes off the radio.

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