DVD player in the palm of your hand

Barely bigger than the diameter of the disc

Until the world switches entirely to video downloads, it looks as if portable DVD players will be around for awhile. But most of them are still fairly bulky animals with outdated designs.

Hammacher Schlemmer, however, claims to have "the most portable handheld DVD player," with 4.5-inch screen that pretty much takes up most of the surface area on one side. It still manages to cram in an MP3 player and a 2.5-hour battery, as well as some external kid-proof features (as if such a thing exists).

The diameter of the $130 1.25-pound player, which is described as "about the size of a paperback," seems limited only by the breadth of the disc itself. So if it's able to get any smaller while playing standard-sized DVDs, that would really be a neat trick.

But as previous attempts have shown, executing the concept of palm-sized players is no mean feat. We'll have to see if Hammacher's version comes anywhere close to nailing it.

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