Dutch paperboy crowned 'Halo 2' champ

King Tuur of the Netherlands has been crowned this year's Xbox Live "Halo 2" world champion, Microsoft announced.

The 17-year-old gamer triumphed over 50,000 players worldwide to nab the coveted title in the first-ever global "Halo 2" tourney. The contest, the first tournament of its kind on a console, included players from each of Xbox Live's 24 regions worldwide, with the competition played entirely online.

The other five global finalists were (in alphabetical order): aimitux of Japan, ii Cabel ii of Australia, L Terry15 L of the United States, ll Theos ll of France and Pr0gamer of Germany. The relentless King Tuur, a former paperboy, won $1,500, as well as a 50-inch Samsung flat-screen DLP HDTV, a Samsung DVD player/recorder and a personalized Xbox Live Halo 2 Global Champion trophy featuring a gold "Halo 2" game disc.

King Tuur, by the way, is short for King Arthur.

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