Drop your gadgets, guys, say cancer ads from Peru

Clever campaign uses images on undies to get guys to ditch their gizmos and take up their testes in the fight against cancer.

Y&R Peru

What's more fun? Playing with your Xbox, smart device, or Rubik's Cube, or playing with yourself? OK, we know that's a tough one for this crowd. How about the following: which is healthier?

Well, when it comes to testicular cancer, the answer is probably playing with yourself -- provided, of course, you're playing by the rules.

Ad agency Y&R Peru cleverly makes that case in a series of print ads that show male models wearing boxers strategically emblazoned with images of the aforementioned finger-hogging gizmos. The public-service campaign, released this month, is for the Peruvian wing of the League Against Cancer.

Testicular cancer is very often curable if caught early on, and doctors recommend regular self-exams. So pay heed to the League: Take a break from going nuts over your gadgets and go nuts on your nuts instead.


Y&R Peru


Y&R Peru


(Via BuzzFeed)

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