Dress up your iPod Touch for Halloween

Get your iPod into the Halloween spirit by giving it a mouth and eyes--even fangs--with this customizable case.

Griffin Faces case for iPod Touch
Quit making faces at me. Griffin Technology

You've already gotten yourself an Angry Birds green pig Halloween costume. Now your poor iPod Touch feels left out of all the festivities. Bring it into the fold with the new Faces case from Griffin.

The silicone Faces case makes your device look like it stepped out from an episode of "Ren & Stimpy." It is available in either hot pink or bright blue with interchangeable mouths and eyes.

What's missing here is a nose. I guess that's because your iPod Touch doesn't have a sense of smell. Yet.

There's a Mr. Potato Head sort of feel to Faces that may appeal to the younger crowd. The blue case even features a mouth with vampire fangs.

Each $25 case comes with six eyes and three mouths to choose from so you can unleash your inner Dr. Frankenstein just in time for Halloween.

Griffin Faces cases
It'll cost you $50 if you want both the pink and blue. Griffin Technology

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