Dress iPhones like baseballs (just don't toss 'em)

iPhone and iPad accessory maker Zagg is out with a line of real leather cases that sport designs inspired by football and baseball gear.

Zagg baseball case

Downtown San Francisco, where CNET's headquarters are located, is utterly awash in orange and black today, as Giants fans fete their team following Monday's World Series victory (yippee).

We're talking thousands upon thousands of exuberant fans in Giants T-shirts, jackets, and caps; orange and black balloons and face paint; and even babies in festooned strollers and hats with orange pom-poms. A couple of dogs decked in Giants colors have even trotted by. It's insaaaane--in the best possible way.

This is why these Zagg SportLeather cases for iPhones and iPads caught our googly eyes. The accessory maker is out with a line of real leather cases that sport (see what I did there?) designs inspired by football and baseball gear. We're thinking that the baseball case would look really nice and timely alongside some "Fear the Beard" paraphernalia right about now.

The cases start at $34.99 and go up to $85 for an iPad version, with an added screen shield. Now put a picture of Tim Lincecum on one these things, and we'd really be talking.

Fans at Giants parade
These folks could step up their Giants fandom a notch by decking out their smartphones in one of Zagg's baseball cases. James Martin/CNET

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