Download free HD episodes of 'Battlestar Galactica', '30 Rock', and more

Apple is offering free HD episodes of 12 popular shows. All you have to do is install iTunes 8.

Get free HD episodes of 12 popular shows when you install iTunes 8. Apple

Best thing about the just-released iTunes 8? HD versions of TV shows. To help kick things off, Apple is offering one free HD episode from each of a dozen shows (some of which are actually worth watching!). I've rounded up the links for you; just make sure you have iTunes 8 installed.

I'm loving this. I've wanted to check out shows like Eureka, In Plain Sight, and Life, and now I can--in full HD glory. Grab these freebies while ye may and stock up your laptop, iPhone, Apple TV (if you're one of the five people who own one--hi-yo!), or whatever.

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