Download BitTorrent files at home from wherever

Get BitTorrent files to download to your home machine no matter where you are with this new feature from Mininova.

BitTorrent tracker Mininova has a cool and useful new feature that lets you download any file to your machine at home with just a click of a button from any remote machine. It works by using a new bookmarking option found next to the download link on any file in Mininova's directory. All that needs to be done on your part is to subscribe to a special RSS feed in your local BitTorrent application and it will automatically start downloading as long as you've got it running. You can also share this feed with others in case you want to start your own recommended files feed with friends.

Mininova's blog has a quick walkthough of how to set up your account and local client to do the heavy lifting. Keep in mind illegally sharing files you don't have rights to is a bad idea.

[via TorrentFreakvia Lifehacker]

You can now add Mininova-hosted BitTorrent files to your bookmark feed, which will start downloads on remote machines that are subscribed. Mininova
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