Double dose of Disney electronics

Disney's new portable, dual-screen DVD player and a new 'Pirates of the Caribbean' camera have arrived at the CNET offices in New York.

Two-for-one special. Disney

Portable DVD players seem to come in all shapes and sizes these days--and sometimes in pairs. Yes, the Disney dual-screen Mobile DVD player has arrived at our New York offices, along with one of Disney's new Pix Max digital cameras, which sports a "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme.

The new Pix Max costs $80. Disney

The idea behind the dual-screen DVD player ($180) is that two backseat riders can watch the same movie at the same time, with neither person having to deal with the perils of off-axis viewing. Both screens feature a 7-inch LCD display that straps onto the back of a headrest; they ship with four Disney-themed faceplate inserts, including "Tinker Bell" and "Pirates of the Caribbean." Needless to say, it's perfect for mollifying the kiddies during those 15-hour road trips to Disneyland or Disney World--or anywhere else for that matter.

As for the digital camera, aside from the swashbuckling Jack Sparrow theme, how this 3-megapixel Pix Max differs from last year's Pix Max ($80) is unclear, but we're always curious to check out cheap digital cameras to see if they don't totally suck. Kodak has an even more budget-priced model, the Disney Pix Micro ($50), but that one wasn't included in the shipment.

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