Doom, Command & Conquer revived for iPhone

I love the '90s. And I love these classic games from the '90s. But do I love them on my iPhone? To be honest, not as much as one might think.

Doom Classic brings the ancient, pixelated first-person shooter to the iPhone.

Welcome to today's episode of Recycling Old PC Games for Fun and Profit. Our first contestant: Doom Classic, the first-person shooter that spawned a thousand imitators, several hundred ports, and one horrendous movie.

Next up: Command & Conquer Red Alert, the real-time strategy classic responsible for a massive drop in global productivity.

In my youth I was a tremendous fan of both games, so it stands to reason that I'd welcome them to my iPhone. However, neither is getting a permanent home.

Let's start with Doom. While id Software's official port offers a pixel-perfect recreation, the game is 16 years old--and it shows.

Indeed, juxtaposed with Doom Resurrection, a made-for-iPhone game with 21st century graphics, Doom Classic looks positively ancient. It plays that way, too: You can't even jump.

Part of this is personal bias: I don't think FPS games work well on small screens, especially when touch controls are involved. For me, Doom Classic feels cramped, confined, and seriously out of date.

Command & Conquer Red Alert for iPhone offers real-time strategy nostalgia.

Command & Conquer Red Alert may look a little dated as well, but it delivers a much better gameplay experience overall.

EA did a great job adapting the controls to the iPhone's touch screen, and in-game tutorials make learning them a snap.

Red Alert also features an in-game store, which is good and bad: A mere 99 cents buys you half a dozen new skirmish maps--but the main game ($9.99) comes with only two. You also get only 10 single-player missions, which most players will breeze through in a jiffy.

As for multiplayer, it's "coming soon" as part of a free update. Alas, it's limited to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; so you can't challenge other players online.

Consequently, I think most RTS fans will be happier with Robocalypse, which offers modern graphics, Internet multiplayer, and a 99 cent price tag.

Of course, if nostalgia is what you're after, Red Alert definitely delivers, as does Doom. I just think there are plenty of modern, made-for-iPhone games that play better than the classics.

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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