Don't guess to grind

The Delfino DLCG-559 Intelligent Coffee and Spice Grinder features hands-free operation. The grinding chamber is removable, making it easy to clean between uses.

The removable chamber makes the coffee grinder easy to clean.
The removable chamber makes the coffee grinder easy to clean. Toastess

Freshly ground coffee beans are essential in the eternal quest to attain the perfect cup of coffee. It might not be the most important step (quality of beans would probably take that title), but there can be little doubt to any coffee drinker that when ground, coffee beans lose some of their power over time. The only problem is, most coffee drinkers start their day with a cup--and mornings aren't exactly the best time to try to operate sharp machinery.

The Delfino DLCG-559 Intelligent Coffee and Spice Grinder provides automatic hands-free operation. Users select their preferred grind and pot size, and the grinder does the rest. The result is a consistent grind that allows coffee drinkers to enjoy the same cup of coffee every morning.

More than just a device for ensuring a consistent cup of coffee, the gadget also doubles as a spice grinder. While most coffee grinders can provide this service, they usually don't include a removable (and dishwasher-safe) grinding chamber. In addition to this double-duty feature, the unit also incorporates a retractable power cord, allowing for the handy grinder to be able to be kept out on the counter--standing at the ready every morning.

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