Domain-finding tool Domize gets power search

Find open domains with some advanced tools using Domize, a search engine for domains that shows you the results as you type.

Domize, a domain-finding search tool that launched around this time last year, has a new advanced search mode. Like Google it now lets you craft searches with modifiers that can either leave certain words out, or find synonyms that can help you get around common words that may have already been taken.

For instance, a search where I included a like modifier for the word "revolution" gave me words like rotation, gyration, and change. You can combine this with another word, or words of your choice, and it will continue to sniff out open domains combined with each of the synonyms it originally came up with. There are also a slew of other modifiers, including the option to experiment with alternate spellings by mixing up vowels and consonants. There's also a modifier that can randomly affix various endings to the word you're searching for, like throwing a -ing, -ed, -est, or -er.

Using a modifier for colors Domize can search through variations of colors alongside whatever word or words are around it. CNET

In all cases the results show you which domains are open and for sale (for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, and .us only). The ones that are taken show up in red and hovering over them with your mouse gives you a preview of what the site looks like. The ones that are still available are blue and link directly to domain registrar GoDaddy. You can also set it to link to Dotster, Network Solutions, and Moniker.

While Domize is useful, I still think you get more bang for your buck from Bust A Name (coverage). I find that search tool a little easier to use, and it lets you find the best deal on the domain by showing you how much it costs from multiple registrars at the same time.

You can give Domize a try below, although for now it appears that the search modifiers only work on the main site.

Domize - the fastest domain name search ever!
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