Does your iPod scream for 'Ice Creme'?

Missouri-based RadTech today announced the release of Ice Creme v.2, an upgraded version of its system for restoring scuffed and damaged acrylic and plated metal surfaces like those found on iPods.

Ice Creme
Credit: RadTech

The Ice Creme solution, itself, remains the same. It's what comes with the two kits that has been tweaked a bit, a company spokesman said. The regular Ice Creme kit costs $20.95, and now comes with a metal polish compound so it can be used for both acrylic and minor metal damage. The Ice Creme M costs $25.95 and now comes with the metal polish compound and a fine grit sponge so it can be used for both minor and severe metal damage.

Ice Creme has received pretty good reviews--a handful of which are posted on the RadTech site. As for the new version, one iLounge reader tested it out last weekend and was "reasonably happy with the results on the metallic back," but fine scratches remain on the acrylic, Matty G. wrote. "I will continue the polishing!"

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