Documents to Go (Word, Excel, PowerPoint viewing): Coming Soon for iPhone

Documents to Go (Word, Excel, PowerPoint viewing): Coming Soon for iPhone

DataViz, publisher of the venerable Palm OS application Documents to Go, has announced its plans to bring a version of the application to the iPhone. The software allows users to view and edit Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel Spreadsheets and offers many other features, including the ability to display graphic files.

Some features available on the Palm OS may not make it to the iPhone because of Apple's stringent developer agreement.

DataViz is projecting delivery of Documents to Go for the iPhone in 2009. The company asks that anyone interested in news or information about the software sign up for a mailing list here.

The DataViz web site does not supply any screenshots or other solid information about the application's features or pricing. A phone call to DataViz resulted in a push to sign up for the mailing list.

The iPhone has built-in support for viewing some Microsoft Office documents and Adobe PDF files, but the functionality is not as robust as Documents to Go for Palm.


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