Do you want a Microsoft Surface tablet? (poll)

Now that the mystery is over and you know Microsoft has moved into the tablet space, what's your early reaction?

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Before Microsoft announced its Surface tablets today (and while speculation was still running wild as to what the big mystery reveal would be), we asked you, readers, what a Microsoft tablet should look like if Redmond headed in that direction. This is the answer that led our poll by 77 percent:

"Design it to be forward-looking. New tablet-centric software is key, older Windows software is not. Very cool (in other words thin), good battery life, and good-enough performance. Tight integration of software and hardware is important. (Apple's iPad comes to mind.)"

Well, now that Microsoft's two new slates have arrived, it's time to ask if they meet your expectations. The forward-thinking highlight feature of the Surface might be a magnetically attached, 3mm-thick Touch Cover that folds down and functions as a full touch-screen keyboard. But maybe you were hoping for more.

For a full overview of the Surface's specs, go here. Then tell us what your early reaction is to Redmond's tablet foray. Vote in our poll and go beneath the Surface in our comments section.

And for CNET's full coverage of the Surface, visit this page .

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