Do tech support in your underwear with SupportSpace

SupportSpace can put a paid support line on your desk.

SupportSpace is a new tech-support network. It certifies independent tech experts and connects them with people in need. I'm unclear how this certification and rating works, but I imagine it's based partly on feedback from users. The company provides call connection, desktop-sharing services, and other utilities to its contractors.

It's a shame that this service (and its several competitors) is needed, but since the tech support we get from most companies is maddeningly poor, this evolution in UGS (user-generated support) is a workable fix. Plus, it could be another decent way for geeks to make a few bucks without changing out of their jammies. The service has been in beta for a while but is opening up to everyone at Demo 2008. See also one of my favorite UGS sites, Satisfaction (see Satisfaction is smart, crowd-sourced support).

It's like an adult chat network. Except they'll fix your PC.

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