DIY camera for the crafty geek in all of us

The SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm Camera comes with separate parts that are assembled to create a traditional film camera.

Photography geeks, rejoice! Though digital photography is now the norm, techies and geeks who cherish the click of real film will appreciate this twist on a classic camera.

Urban Outfitters

The SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm Camera from Urban Outfitters is a film camera that you assemble yourself. The kit costs $28 and comes with about 30 parts, including a wide angle 28 mm lens, a screwdriver, and instructions. There are also modification options for a more customized camera.

Though it takes a couple of hours to build, the end result is a traditional 35 mm camera and the pleasure of saying, "Look, I built this!"

Sure, most of your nongeek friends will be unimpressed and won't understand the inherent coolness of building a film camera, but from geek-to-geek, this might be one of the greatest DIY projects yet!

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