Dispelling a myth: the Dell XPS 700 will NOT ship overclocked

Dispelling a myth: the Dell XPS 700 will NOT ship overclocked

It's been on Digg, and it's been on Engadget, but the rumors about Dell shipping the XPS 700 are incorrect. It started at TG Daily, the news arm of enthusiast site Tom's Hardware. The reporter apparently based his information on a Dell presentation given at a meeting hosted by Dell at the World Series of Video Games Summer Tournament in Grapevine, Texas.

If it were true that Dell is shipping already overclocked systems, it would have altered the score of our own XPS 700 review. Dell also probably would have sent us a system with the overclocked parts. Everything that showed up in our Labs arrived stock. But don't take our word for it. We asked Dell last night, and we asked again today. Here's the official statement from Liem Nguyen, a member of Dell's PR team.

"Recent demonstrations of the XPS 700 at the recent World Series of Video Games Summer Tournament used an Intel Core 2 Extreme processor overclocked by Dell engineers to show the potential performance that build-your-own enthusiasts can achieve when the processor becomes available. Dell has unlocked the BIOS so that customers can overclock the processor themselves, but at this time Dell is not factory overclocking the system."

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