Disney Interactive announces Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Tiny Tower creator NimbleBit wants you to join the Empire and help build a new space station of doom. May the shorts be with you?

Disney Interactive

"Star Wars" has seen some interesting video game permutations, everything from Angry Birds to Pit Droids . But until now, the franchise has never gone small.

Yesterday, Disney Interactive announced Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, a new game that's coming soon to mobile devices.

"Tiny" and "Death Star" aren't words you'd normally put together ("That's no moon -- it's a space station"), but there's a method to this tiny madness: The game is being developed by NimbleBit, creators of the venerated Tiny Tower .

Does that mean Tiny Death Star will feature the same 8-bit style of building management, but in a "Star Wars" setting? Based on Disney's fairly terse announcement, that's exactly what it means:

Live life on the dark side and join Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader on a mission to attract Galactic bitizens, run intergalactic businesses, and build an all-new Death Star. Construct unique Star Wars themed locations to attract iconic characters and species to your space station in this 8-bit style game.

There's not much to report beyond that, other than a promise that the game "will soon be available worldwide" for mobile devices.

I've never really gotten into the whole 8-bit craze, but I'm eager to see what happens to "Star Wars" under Disney's leadership. Your thoughts?


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