Dirty secret: I love Safari on Windows

It hasn't replaced Flock for me, but it's making inroads.

After bashing Safari for Windows when it first came out, I have to confess something: lately I've begun to rely on Apple's browser. Not for everything, mind you. But the more I use it, the more I like it.

The biggest reason: It's fast. It's faster to start up than Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Flock. And it's fast to load pages. Blindingly fast. Fast enough to make the Web feel more inviting.

I also like how it displays text. Sure it's using a non-standard font smoothing technology, but I think it looks great.

I don't like that my favorite plug-ins, Roboform and PicLens, don't work in Windows Safari. And I really don't like that there are security exploits emerging for Safari and that there's no open-source community to address them.

But when I need a Web page loaded up fast, Safari is often the browser I turn to.

Fast. Pretty. Different.
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