Digital City Podcast 63: 'Avatar,' 3D PS3, CES, oh my!

The Digital City crew discuss 3D, new Netbooks, and which has more hype: CES 2010 or "Avatar"?


In this week's preholiday edition of the Digital City Podcast, we all get ready for our one long break of the year, accompanied by special guest smartphone guru (and new CNET East Coaster) Bonnie Cha.

Scott and Joe have seen James Cameron's "Avatar"; Bonnie and Julie haven't. We also discuss Intel's new Atom Netbooks , 3D Blu-ray on the PS3 , holiday smartphones, and upcoming laptops and phones at CES 2010. Best of all, Scott gets a chance to show off his one and only Batjew T-shirt. Watch it on video or you'll miss it.

Plus, don't forget to enter a comment to win a 16GB Zune HD of your very own. Happy holidays!

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