Digital City 62: Mario's pizza place and the solid gold PS3

On this week's Digital City, we discuss Google's rumored new phone; iMac shipping delays, best Netbook games, and small bits of insanity, including a new Mario pizza place and a gold-plated PS3.


On this week's Digital City, we discuss Google's rumored new phone; get to the bottom of the current iMac shipping delays, and go over the best games you can play on a Netbook (all after Dan had to get up at 5am to shoot a local news TV segment on his favorite holiday games).

Then, things take a turn for the weird with a solid gold PlayStation 3, rumored to be under Jay-Z's Xmas tree; and a surprising NYC find -- a Mario-themed pizza place that is calling out for a visit from the ghost of intellectual property lawyers past (see below).

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Spotted on Houston street in NYC. Dan Ackerman


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