Digital City 124: Dan arrives late to the studio and our show literally goes down the toilet

In our latest episode, we wonder if Democrat Jesse Jackson Jr. makes a valid point about the iPad killing American jobs. Also, Scott's hands-on with the $6,000 Kohler toilet gets weird, and more iPhone 5 rumors.


As Dan hustles his way back to the studio, we (somehow) begin with Scott's hands-on of the $6,000 Kohler Numi toilet. Then, the conversation gets weird as we contemplate on what features would be included in our dream toilet that's worth dumping that kind of cash into. Blue jokes aside, we also debate Democrat Jesse Jackson Jr.'s argument to congress, on his belief, that the iPad is killing American jobs. Dan sheds some light on the self-publishing and distribution logistics of releasing an album (if you are so inclined to go indie and bank on those "royalty" checks). Finally, more iPhone 5 rumors explored.

Bonus: You can download the show's theme song as a free MP3 here for a limited time!

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