Digipede releases distributed computing tools

Digipede Technologies released programming tools Tuesday to make it easier for developers to use its software for distributing computing tasks across groups of Windows PCs and servers. The company announced its Digipede Framework Software Development Kit at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference.

The software lets scientists, analysts, engineers or others with computationally intense tasks run those problems across a group of Windows computers. The framework, built using Microsoft's .Net technology, handles many of the distributed computing chores so programmers can concentrate on the core parts of their software.

The company's product for running computation jobs is called the Digipede Network. The Team Edition costs $995 for one server and five agents, with extra agents costing $199 apiece, and supports up to 20 agents. The company plans to introduce Digipede Network Professional Edition, with support for thousands of computers, this fall.

One Digipede customer is Pacific Event Productions, which generates reports for its events business on its Digipede Network installation.

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