Digg our soldering skills

We made a Digg button. We like it. Make one of your own.

Up for a do-it-yourself project this weekend? Rarely does Web site swag get as intricate as the Digg button from Adafruit Industries. The $20 kit gives you everything you need (sans soldering tools) to put together a slick, working Digg button that has a three-digit counter on it to keep track of Diggs. Every time you click the tiny, red button, you get a nice "dug" message on the LED display, and the count goes up by one. The real-world possibilities for this are endless.

The kits were first made available at last month's Digg 1 million user party, where partygoers could purchase and put them together on the spot. Many were soldering for the first time--in the dark, with loud music playing, while potentially under the influence of alcohol. You get the benefit of being able to do this in your home. Also, $1 from each purchase goes to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

While the button doesn't actually link to Digg.com in any way, it makes for great office kitsch and was a lot of fun to make. It took about 20 minutes for CNET's very own soldering guru Donald Bell to melt put it together . We've condensed that down into the three-minute clip below.

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