Digg on your desktop: official screensavers launched

Digg's got official screensavers now, and boy are they purdy.

When Digg first came out with its labs section, almost immediately people threw together unofficial screensavers for each of the visualizations. Since the visualizations run in Adobe Flash, the user creations often just loaded up the pages in a full-screen Flash viewer. Today, Digg has launched official versions of the screensavers for all four of their labs visualizations, which were originally put together by Stamen Design.

Just like the Web versions, you can sit back and watch the current activity on Digg as it's happening, and interact with any of the content. The screensavers are cross platform, and run on Windows XP, Vista, and Mac OS X 10.4. You'll also need the latest version of Adobe Flash. There's still no Linux version (an outspoken quotient of Digg.com users), or support for users with dual monitors, meaning the

You can find them here:

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