Digg developing iPhone app

Digg is working on an iPhone app, inadvertently revealed by Kevin Rose at the Future of Web Apps conference in London this weekend. He's so dreamy

A Digg application for the iPhone is in the works, two years after Apple announced its own version. Kevin Rose, co-founder of the popular social-bookmarking and Web-aggregation site, was spotted playing with the app in London.

Rose was attending the Future of Web Apps conference, where he hung out with our own Nate Lanxon and Natali Del Conte. Arnt Eriksen and Thomas Moen of Norwegian videocast Sofaprat clocked Rose playing with a trial version of the app on his iPhone.

Rose was unforthcoming about the functionality of the app, chuckling "You're not even supposed to know about that". A quick way of submitting links to Digg would be useful, but we wonder how you'd move from the Safari browser to the Digg app, as Apple locks out apps from running in the background. It seems likely the app will have a built-in mini-browser, allowing you to view submitted content, then vote stories up or down, known as digging or burying.

A Digg iPhone app was announced in Apple's app news in October 2007. This mobile version of the site includes iPhone scrolling, mini-permalink pages with the top five comments, and digging ability. Rose claimed then that the mobile site was coded in 48 hours, so who knows what kind of features they could have come up with in two years.

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