Diamond turntable sings a ladylike tune

The Diamond turntable by German Scheu Analog is designed specially for women.

Scheu Analogue

This sexy turntable is, rather unusually, for audiophiles of the gentler sex. The Diamond by German Scheu Analog is designed specially for women. Not only is it shipped almost preassembled out of the box, it also features a sleek form factor, an "icy" acrylic platter, and a choice of colors including a semi-translucent pink hue as pictured above.

Performance-wise, you can be assured of its sonic credential as the 17kg Diamond is in actual fact a miniaturized version of the company's 35kg Das Laufwerk No. 1 flagship model. Just like any luxury product from fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Emperor Armani, the Diamond doesn't come cheap. Expect to cough up a cool 1,999 euros ($2,569).

(Source: Crave Asia via Bornrich)

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