Dialed In 79: Bring on the Android phones

On this week's Dialed In podcast, CNET's cell phone editors tackle the latest Android rumors and what feels like a gazillion Samsung phones.

This week, we take a break from the Palm Pre (well, almost) and talk about other happenings in the cell phone world, including new rumors of Google Android devices and the not-so-shocking news that the Garmin Nuvifone is delayed again. Also, we tackle what feels like a gazillion Samsung phones and oh boy, Kent's not too happy with Alltel. Find out why on this episode of Dialed In. Happy early birthday, Nicole!

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Rumor of the week
T-Mobile G2, T-Mobile G1 v2 details surface

Japan gets a DoCoMo HTC Magic
Garmin Nuvifone delayed again
AT&T introduces GoPhone Unlimited
Samsung A177 as a prepaid messaging phone for AT&T
Samsung's a Magnet for AT&T
Samsung Exclaim is a dual-slider messenger
Verizon gets Samsung Alias 2
Motorola shakes it up with W7
A Moto Evoke review? Honest, we're trying!
Verizon puts the kibosh on BlackBerry Storm update?
Sprint's new ads stress savings, 3G network

Duet D888
Samsung Alias 2
Samsung Tint
Samsung WEP460 Bluetooth headset
Samsung SBH600 stereo Bluetooth headset

Upcoming reviews
Samsung Magnet
RIM BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 (Alltel)
LG 160 (Credo Mobile)
Samsung Smooth
Kyocera Jax
Kyocera X-tc
Jabra BT4010

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