Dialed In #214: The iPad '3' shines a light on the iPhone '5'

Apple's "new iPad" gobbled up our attention for a good part of the week, and there's much more going on in Cellphonelandia besides. Stick with us; we'll tell you what you need to know.


Even if you never plan to get one, the third-generation iPad is important for the wireless industry as a whole. Apple has once again set the bar when it comes to jaw-dropping screen resolution. That and its 4G LTE connectivity portend good things for the next-generation iPhone, which could carry some of the same (or similar) technology.

We also weigh in on T-Mobile's recent statement that all those carrier subsidies that make a $200 superphone purchase possible as "bad" for the industry. T-Mobile's CMO Cole Brodman is correct about some things, but as for "hurting" the industry...well, it just depends on where you sit.


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