Dialed In 186: HTC's got the beat (podcast)

This week CNET News reporter Roger Cheng drops by the studio to drop some knowledge on HTC's latest investment. Plus, Nokia's giving up Symbian and feature phones for the North American market, but is that a big surprise? All this and more on Dialed In, episode 186.

(Programming note: Today, the role of Roger Cheng will be played by Optimus Prime.)

Earlier this week, HTC made a big to-do about a "major news announcement" that would be revealed on Thursday morning. There was speculation that it could be a settlement with Apple or a partnership with HP and WebOS. However, no one expected what was actually announced: a majority stake in Beats Electronics, the makers of Beats by Dr. Dre and other headphones. We go over the details of the partnership and try to make sense of the decision on this week's podcast. Plus, Nokia pulls back on Symbian and feature phones in North America, and we take a look at this week's reviews. Get your Dialed In fix right here.



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