Devicescape makes Wi-Fi hot spots cooler

Logging in to Wi-Fi hot spots can be a serious pain. If you're a business traveler or a frequent hot spot user, Devicescape might make your hot spot experience a little better.


Devicescape is a free Wi-Fi helper service that was announced at the Demo 07 conference this past week. It's designed to take the struggle out of connecting to various commercial Wi-Fi hot spots while on the go. After downloading the low profile Devicescape application to your PC, Windows Mobile smart phone, or Wi-Fi-enabled handset, you can instantly connect without having to manage log-ins or remember passwords.

The Devicescape client works with a number of Wi-Fi services, most notably T-Mobile's HotSpot service, which can be found in over 8,000 locations (mostly Starbucks). Devicescape is at work on interoperability with Wayport, the Wi-Fi service you find at McDonalds, Hertz, and hotels like Hilton and Marriott.

Devicescape is an ideal service for road warriors and prepared travelers. Managing several different hot spots (airport, hotel, coffee shop) can be a pain, which is why automating the log-in process is a great idea. It's also a nice prospect to pair Devicescape with a VoIP handset since managing log-ins on a 12-digit keypad can be a struggle. There is one catch to using Devicescape: You have to know which services you're planning to use and the log-ins for each, which is why it's a service aimed at the prepared among us.

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