Developer log points ahead to next iPhone, iOS

The log reportedly highlights the tantalizing tidbit of code "iPhone 6,1" and also refers to the next iteration of Apple's mobile operating system.

Apple iPhone 5
Apple's iPhone 5 has only just arrived, and already we're looking for clues about its successor. CNET

The next iPhone and its accompanying iOS 7 software have apparently turned up in developer logs, indicating that the next-generation phone is already in the testing stages.

The log, shown off to The Next Web, highlights the code "iPhone 6,1". The iPhone 5 -- Apple's current flagship -- bears the moniker iPhone5,1 or 5,2 in the logs, suggesting that this is indeed the next generation of phone.

Without any further details however, it's impossible to judge whether the phone is a complete overhaul in the form of an iPhone 6, or whether it relates to a more modest update in the form of an iPhone 5S. The log also refers to the next iteration of Apple's mobile operating system iOS 7, although again, details are nonexistent. Apple typically releases developer versions of its software at its WWDC event in June, so we may have a while to wait before we hear anything more concrete.

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