Despite its looks, 'GatLight' has no ammo

It may resemble an antique Gatling gun, but it's an LED flashlight.


After encountering what seems to be an inordinate number of high-end flashlights on Crave, we're beginning to suspect there's a secret society devoted to worshipping instruments of luminescence. And when you make one that resembles an antique gun--one of the most collectible items on late-night TV shopping networks the world over--then surely all bets are off.

Lumencraft's "GatLight V3" fits that description to a tee. It's a titanium flashlight with a built-in lithium battery that, as its name suggests, bears a design that resembles the Civil War-era Gatling machine gun.

But more than just a pretty face, this carbon-fiber LED wonder was "created by a team of American aerospace engineers, European artists and Swiss craftsmen," according to Uncrate. Which would explain why it costs $395. That's a lot of overtime.

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