Deodorant duds for sweat-prone professionals

The Japanese Farago Aircool suit is made with a deodorant antibacterial silver ion lining to absorb sweat and stifle smell.

The Farago AirCool suit is lined with silver ions to absorb sweat. Aoki

During the heat of summer, a distinct smell is known to permeate public transit and elevators. It's the sweaty stench of business professionals who still have to wear suits to the office, despite the outside temperature and humidity.

The Japanese have caught on though, and Aoki is now selling a suit that emits deodorant, keeping its wearer in the cool. The Farago Aircool suit is made (Web site in Japanese) with a deodorant antibacterial silver ion lining, to absorb sweat and stifle smell.

Of course, a suit with special silver ions will cost some cash, and the Farago Aircool suit runs for the equivalent of $370 on sale, while other good-smelling apparel like a polo shirt or socks, run for $37 and $8, respectively.

While the deodorant suit's a perfect item to wear over an air-conditioned shirt , the most useful outfit might come from pairing it with a stylish bullet-resistant jacket .

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