Demo: This is search?

Baagz, Trovix, SpaceTime

We're back live from Demo. Next up: Three search companies. Or are they?

    • Baagz is pitched as a social network with a strong search component. But it's really a site where users can create pages around certain interests, and drag components on to them, like media files, widgets, and chats. It has a nice alerting feature. But really, it's yet another social network.
    • Trovix is a fairly cool specialized job search engine. It parses your resume (which it keeps private) and what you're looking for, and tells which jobs match you experience and wishes. This is interesting, because it takes the automatic analysis of resumes that HR people are accustomed to using and gives that technology to job seekers, too.
    • SpaceTime is updating its glitzy 3D search interface (review). Very Star Trek. But get out your Dramamine.
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