Demand Media downplays Google algorithm hit

The company says it expects sold page-view performance for the current quarter, but Google's changes are likely to take some time to play out fully.

Demand Media said today that its first-quarter results remain on track and that its second-quarter page view growth will be on par with a year ago.

The company made the statement after Google rolled out its international update for its new algorithm, which is designed to improve content quality. Sistrix noted that Demand Media's eHow took a hit on the international rollout.

Reading Demand's statement and blog post, it appears that the company has weathered the worst of Google's algorithm storm. However, this algorithm change is likely to play out over the coming quarters. CNET has been tracking the algorithm change fallout, but the reality is sites don't quite know how things will shake out over time. Google is a fickle traffic friend sometimes, and a big chunk of Demand's revenue rests with the search giant.

Read more of "Demand Media downplays Google algorithm hit, but quarters ahead will tell tale" at ZDNet's Between the Lines.

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