Dell's new 15-inch laptop leaks--in Australia!

Dell's Australian Web site is offering a successor to the current Inspiron 1520 laptop, in the form of the Inspiron 1525.

Dell's new Inspiron 1525 has surfaced in Australia. Dell

The sweet spot in Dell's current catalog of laptops has always been the excellent 14-inch Inspiron 1420 model, matched only by the snazzy XPS line--the 13-inch M1330 and 15-inch M1530. Somewhere in there, Dell's basic Inspiron 15-inch--long the bread and butter of the company's consumer laptops, got lost in the shuffle.

Now comes word from down under that Dell's Australian Web site is offering a successor to the current Inspiron 1520, in the form of the Inspiron 1525 (originality in naming has never been Dell's strong suit), which seems to be a slightly slimmer version of the 1520.

According to the Aussies, this model will ship (down there, at least) on January 9, 2008, and so far preorder configuration options are slim--the only CPU right now is the Intel Core 2 Duo T7250, with X3100 graphics and all the usual Inspiron color combinations (Espresso Brown, Spring Green, etc.)

The 1525 starts at $1,399 in Australian dollars, which is about $1,200 to you and me. We wouldn't be surprised to see an American release sometime soon, but for now, this is Australia-only.

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