Dell's Latitude XT2 tablet shows up at last

The widely leaked Dell Latitude XT2 tablet has finally been officially announced.


The widely leaked Dell Latitude XT2 tablet has finally been officially announced, and as expected, it includes multi-touch gestures, and claims up to 11 hours of battery life (if you use a giant 6-cell battery, plus an additional battery slice).

It was almost a year ago that we first got wind of this sequel to the popular Latitude XT tablet. At the time, the leaked docs we saw pointed to a November 2008 release, but it's clearly taken a bit longer to come to market. According to Dell's press release:

Multi-touch capabilities on the Latitude XT2 allow users to use natural gestures like a pinch or tap for scrolling, panning, rotating and zooming that work with productivity applications they use every day. Dell's integration of multi-touch screen technology allows customers to use the full real estate of the display, as opposed to just the touchpad.

The XT2 has an Intel ULV processor, a 12.1-inch display, and supports up to 5GB of RAM. It starts at $2,399 and is available starting today at Dell's Web site.

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